Macroeconomic & Microeconomic


The Right Research, The Right Outcome

The right research largely depends on knowing the cities in which your investments lie. Do you know enough about the locales that matter the most to your investments to make the right moves when their economies rise or fall? We do, thanks to the macro-economic research gathered by our staff from a variety of publicly available and subscription-based sources.

Goals of Our Macro Research

With the right local research we accomplish the following goals:

  1. Identify attractive cities in which to target acquisitions.
  2. Develop holding period strategies (long vs short-term) for specific markets.
  3. Determine the opportune time to sell individual properties.

Verifying & Detailing Macro Research

Our  team backs up our macroeconomic research with microeconomic research sourced from the sub-market and the specific target market.

How Our Bottom-Up / Micro-Economic Method Works

We use all of the information below to create and evaluate projections regarding current and future market conditions, then we use this assessment for new acquisitions, ongoing management and the disposition decision. Our bottom-up process is what provides us the information to make submarket and property specific decisions.

  • Supply Side Factors: Building permits, occupancy levels, availability of zoned land and rent levels are all reviewed both on a long-term and short-term basis and continuously updated.
  • Demand Side Factors: Vacancy rates, absorption, employment, job growth and household formations.


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