In-house Trading Desk



What Are the Features of Audacity’s Trading Desk?

There are many. Our professional trading software systems for trade execution and advanced technical analysis are configured for a four-monitor set-up, but can be modified to accommodate additional monitors as needed. Furthermore, because Audacity Capital Management collaborates with one of the leading global news and analysis corporations, our systems provide clients with an up-to-the-second feed of this vital information.

But that’s just the beginning of what our in-house trading desk offers clients. They also receive access to our online virtual trading room. So much happens here because it’s a global community of traders and portfolio managers interested in growing stronger through collaboration. EU and US sessions easily facilitate this mixing of trade ideas, analysis and other information, not to mention our morning, lunchtime and end-of-session live briefings hosted by our head of trading.

Our head of trading also offers mentoring, feedback and career development assistance when needed, and our in-house trading desk provides access to our sophisticated risk management systems, market-leading commission rates on trading transaction fees, and daily investment bank research and analysis, in addition to forecasts and micro/macro economic reports form Audacity Management.



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