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htp Want to Jump Start Your Career in Trading & Portfolio Management? The Hidden Talents Program is your answer, if you can make the cut … with the ultimate reward being a job with Audacity Capital. This program not only identifies the top raw talent available, it recruits and develops that talent into team members worthy of joining Audacity Capital.

Training Programmes We offer programmes in both Professional Trading and Portfolio Management Career Trading, both with the same three goals in mind:

  1. Turn talented individuals into profitable, disciplined professional traders.
  2. Get CVs noticed by decision makers.
  3. Create direct career opportunities with Audacity.

Program Content & Length The Hidden Talents Program is two months in length and focuses on the MSTA diploma as an end goal. Every student can receive this diploma with the help of our program’s focus on risk management, psychology, and analysis both technical, intermarket and fundamental — the traditional subjects that make for successful traders around the globe.

Furthermore, those who master these fundamentals and complete the Hidden Talents program will be asked to join the Audacity Capital fund management team … thus the goals of this program far exceed simply teaching for success, but also providing the vehicle for said success.

Dedicated to Every

Talented Individual We also understand that some students can devote themselves to our Hidden Talents Program on a part-time basis, while others can be available full-time. Our commitment to varying levels of availability only further stresses our aim to include every talented individual in our program. Even if you can not make it to our physical location, you can trade remotely.

A Program in Two Parts Both the part-time and full-time Hidden Talents Programs include two distinct phases: month one and month two. During the first month you learn technical and fundamental analysis, then put your intensive theory exposure to use with demo practice. Then, during the second month, you actually trade live with the company’s funds. It doesn’t get more real-world than this.

Is a Winning Trader Inside of You? As the name of our program suggests, talent is not always obvious. Aptitude must often be discovered for passion to take root, and that is the purpose of the program — finding the winning traders inside of those with perhaps just an inkling of interest in the exciting world of trading. Experiencing our program in full will let you know if this world is right for you.

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